08:00 AM


Cauldrons of coffee, continental(ish) breakfast bites, and bleary-eyed mingling. Frankly, we're not really morning people, but we have a lot of great stuff to fit into the day.

09:00 AM


There are sponsors to thank, bathrooms to locate, and a tone to set. Plus, one last chance to grab the breakfast goods before the meaty bits.

09:20 AM


Janice Fraser will give her insights on the state of the product universe and share her approach to creating products people love through the Lean User Experience process she developed as Founder and CEO at LUXr.

10:10 AM

Morning Sessions

From the Outside In: Designing for Wearables
Sonny Vu, CEO and Co-Founder of Misfit Wearables
Your Most Valuable Product Development Tool: Your Customer
Sarah Rose, VP Product, ModCloth
Two Decades Exploring Product/Market Fit
Dave Charron, Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Inside and Out: Perspectives of an Investor and CEO on Winning Product Development Approaches
Charles Hudson, Venture Partner, SoftTech VC & Co-Founder and CEO, Bionic Panda Games

12:00 PM

1:30 PM

Afternoon Sessions

Walking the Walk: Data as Competitive Advantage
Hiten Shah, Co-Founder of KISSmetrics
Leader as Designer
Sue Bethanis, Founder & CEO at Mariposa Leadership
Understanding a Billion People: Lessons from Facebook UX Research
Judd Antin, UX Researcher at Facebook
Using Empathy to Guide Product Strategy
Indi Young
News as a Product
Ian Kennedy, Director of Product at GigaOM
Start With The Story
Chris Lindland, Founder and CEO of Betabrand